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Hair Loss Treatment in Hyderabad

We all at certain point of our life experience hair loss and for some people it becomes extreme which leads to visibility of their scalp and that’s what makes a person look bald.

Hair loss often is a result of different causes like heredity, anemia, nutritional deficiencies, stress and medical problems like thyroid disorder, diabetes mellitus and poly-cystic ovarian syndrome (in females). The selection of hair loss treatment should be therefore based on diagnosing the root cause of it, extent of hair fall, and condition of the hair and scalp.

Well hair loss not only makes you look like a imperfect personality but affects your self confidence and self esteem. So, many people have this query, “Is it really possible to Re-grow hair?”

The answer to this is ‘YES‘ possible with most advanced technologies used at RSCC.

How we can make your hair regrow!

First of all let us understand what exactly happens when we loose our hair. Ideally we all have 3-4 hairs in our each hair root, when hair loss starts 4 hairs becomes 3 then 2 and 1, this is how the hair loss occurs and we start seeing the emptiness in our scalp. Hence, we have a chance to reverse this affect by converting 1 hair strand to 2 then 3 then 4 with our hair growth program.

What we do?

We at RSCC before we start the treatment our qualified Dermatologist would do a detailed Hair Consultation then plan the Hair Re-Growth program as per the need and expectation of client. Our Dermatologist may combine the treatments like, RPRP (RICH PRP), Stem cells, Meso, Dermaroller, Hair transplantation and external & internal medication only if needed.


No of sittings are purely depends on the diagnosis of clients as to what extent we can Re-Grow hair and also to some extent on the expectation of client.

Cosmetic Dermatologist (person who has done MBBS for 6 years & then 3 years of MD in the field of Dermatology & Trichology and have been trained and experience in the cosmetic procedures)

At RSCC our Dermatologist use the precise aseptic measure to ensure safety as well as the treatments which are performed are under went detailed R&D for its safety & efficacy. Hence, it confirms no side effects.

The results shall depend up on person to person. However, within 45 to 60 days one can see noticeable growth from 90 days onward we can notice remarkable difference.

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