Microblading Treatment

Microblading Treatment

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    Microblading helps you create those perfect eyebrows that last long. It is a technique using a needle-like tool similar to a pen to deposit ink pigment into the skin’s epidermis. The needled equipment creates hair strokes that look similar to natural-looking hair strands tattooed on the brows making paper-cut-like strokes of desired shape and definition.

    How Long does it Last?

    Microblading is semi-permanent but lasts long enough for your satiate, bold and bushy eyebrow to steal the thunder.  You can refill (if the ink starts fading with time) in the touch-ups session.

    The procedure does hurt a little, like a tiny needle pinching, but your brow artist can numb the area first. Microblading gives a more natural look and better simulates hair than any other technique!


    Can I get the procedure immediately?

    Yes, microblading can be done immediately. There are no preliminary tests required.

    Who does the consultation & procedure?

    A certified Surgeon who is a registered medical practitioner. Along with qualifying degrees – experience, research, and track-record of practice are taken into account before a doctor is credentialed with RSCC and is given access to answer patient queries.

    Are there any side effects?

    At RSCC our Dermatologist use the precise aseptic measure to ensure safety as well as the treatments which are performed are under went detailed R&D for its safety & efficacy. Hence, it confirms no side effects.

    How long does it take for results?

    Microblading results may last up to 12-18 months, which is a long tenure and a big part of its appeal. It cuts into the skin in the area of your eyebrows and implants pigment into the cuts.

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