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    At Rich Slimming and Cosmetic clinic, We firmly believe right diagnosis is the key, which will help us find what type of treatment would be best for you. When one undertakes the right treatment, what you can expect is the desired result and permanent solution. After diagnosis, we offer treatment which would be effective to your body type, thus you will be able to meet your weight loss goals.

    We also have customized plans for each individual as everyone has unique genes and different predispositions. Our personalized plan and our comprehensive analysis as well as formulated regimen will help you achieve your desired weight loss goal. All our treatments provided here are all natural by our dedicated staff, they include doctors, fitness experts, dieticians and a few others. They are all certified and experienced and leave no stone to make your weight loss journey successful. We also take into consideration that, not all bodies will react in the same way for the same kind of treatment.

    Weight loss is the process of removal of excessive amounts of bad fat (Subcutaneous or Visceral) from the body that can show up as ugly bulges and eventually result in multiple health issues. Finally for bringing the body into proper shape and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

    Is it really possible to quickly and safely reduce weight given the fast-paced lifestyle we are in?

    What are the methods for healthy weight loss ?
    What is the time duration of the weight loss program?
    How do weight reduction programs benefit any individual?
    Who is ideally a suitable person for weight loss ? Can i lose my belly fat fast ?
    Can I be loose weight even if I am obese from childhood and have been on weight loss diet?

    Why choose Rich Slimming And Cosmetic Clinic ?

    Absolutely no crash diets, heavy exercises or adverse side effects.
    Comprehensive and rigorously analytical approach that considers past medical history, present condition,etc., to focus on all-round individual well-being.
    Tailor made program that is specifically designed with individual aspirations and lifestyles in mind.
    A walk-in and walk-out procedure!
    Personalized attention that seeks to remove your apprehension and make you comfortable


    How many sitting do I need ?

    No of sittings are purely dependent on the diagnosis of clients as to what extent we can control your weight and also to some extent on the expectation of client.

    Who does the consultation & procedure ?

    All the doctors are registered medical practitioners. Along with qualifying degrees – experience, research and track-record of practice are taken into account before a doctor is credentialed with RSCC and is given access to answer patient queries.

    Are there any side effects ?

    At RSCC our specialists use the precise aseptic measure to ensure safety as well as the treatments which are performed are under went detailed R&D for its safety & efficacy. Hence, it confirms no side effects.

    How long does it take for results ?

    The results shall depend up on person to person. However, within 45 to 60 days one can see noticeable growth from 90 days onward we can notice remarkable difference.

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    Book a quick appointment. It is quick and easy. When you visit our clinic, you will first have a consultation with one of our expert doctors.


    Get started on our treatment with a consultation with one of our experts who will analyse and assess and schedule.

    Treatment Follow-ups

    Based on your schedule and as per your convenience, you will have regular treatment follow-ups which will solve your problem.


    Our expert will assess the hair loss and conduct a quick, painless computerized test to analyze the underlying problem. The results will identify the root cause of your hair fall.

    Treatment Plan

    Based on the problem, our expert will recommend a personalized, advanced treatment plan to you. He/she will explain the plan and procedures involved in detail.

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