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Anti Ageing Treatment in Hyderabad

Ageing is unavoidable process of our body, as we age our skin undergoes various changes by it’s natural wear and tear, gravity, biological changes, weight loss or weight gain. Ageing signs like wrinkles, fine-lines and sagging are the output these changes out body go through.

While these changes cause internally affects the elastin and collagen in our skin which leads to the grooving, wrinkles, sagging on the skin which makes us look old and pulls down our confidence.

Many of us are trying many cosmetic products from the market but none of them are producing promising results nor they are able to live up to our minimum expectation.


What should be done?

Where to go?

Whom to approach? and

What to do for rectification of our ageing signs?

If you have too have these questions in your mind, you are at the right place to get an answer to these questions.

Smooth Your Wrinkles and Fine Lines with Anti-Aging Treatment costume made by RSCC Dermatologists.

At RSCC we believe in holistic approach in addressing the ageing issues, we customize them as per the need of client, as per skin and also as per the aesthetic artwork to fortify the look and feel of your skin.

We offer wide range of anti-ageing services like, Botox, Filler, Threads, HIFU (High Intense Focused Ultrasound) and Radio Frequency. All these are time tested for it’s safety and efficacy.

However, we do not jump onto the treatments directly, our dermatologist may do a detailed Anti-Ageing consultation to understand the exact need on your skin then he/she may discuss the detailed treatment plan and proceed with your consent for treatment.

Not just this our Dermatologist have full hands on experience in delivering the great results with utmost safe techniques. So, what are you waiting for just call us or WhatsApp us and solve you’re ever bothered aging issues.


Anyone who desires to have youthful skin irrespective of age!

Number of sittings are purely depends on the diagnosis of clients as to what extent we can reduce wrinkles and also to some extent on the expectation of client. Usually high-end technologies like, Botox, Fillers, Threads & HIFU are single sitting procedures.

Cosmetic Dermatologist (person who has done MBBS for 6 years & then 3 years of MD in the field of Dermatology & Trichology and have been trained and experience in the cosmetic procedures)

At RSCC our Dermatologist use the precise aseptic measure to ensure safety as well as the treatments which are performed are under went detailed R&D for its safety & efficacy. Hence, it confirms no side effects.

The results of Fillers, Threads & Botox are instant. Other anti-aging procedures will show results in just 2-3 months.

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