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Inch Loss Treatment in Hyderabad

Fat around the abdomen, arms, inner or outer thighs,above the hips, bra or banana bulges is a constant pain point and is highly embarrassing for any individual. These stubborn fat pockets are immune to certain diets and exercises or sometimes in overall weight loss

The queer fact about abdomen fat is that in most cases, it is the first place for excess fat to be deposited. Call it a spare Tyre, or a ‘fat belly’, abdomen fat in association with love handles is one of the most unflattering and displeasing sights. Our inch loss treatment regimen helps to burn fat efficiently without any adverse impact on the overall health of the individual.

An inch loss treatment can give u a perfect correction to the particular body part u need to bring in shape.

For such stubborn fat pockets Rich Slimming and Cosmetic Clinic brings you a solution for a perfect toned body with multiple options like Cool Sculpting and various Inch-loss program that gives you a defined body look.

Now there is no need to loose weight to have a contoured body look.

Why us?

We perfectly understand the parameters to give perfect look to the areas that require reduction even without weight loss. One can take the comfort to indulge in a inch-loss treatment that are non invasive and have no downtime or side effects. Our experienced and trained staff is an add on for a successful result.


Anyone above 15+ years of age and suffering with bad bulges on the tummy, hips, thighs & arms.

No of sittings will depend on selection of technology as well as on the severity of concern. Our expert team can assess your bulges and guide you through proper solution based on the exact requirement you have.

There are no side effects.These treatments are executed with the medical protocols and the machines are ISO and US-FDA approved and we stand with an experience of 10 long years to have been serving people.

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