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Laser Hair Removal in Hyderabad

Hair is the beauty on some parts of our body but extremely unpleasant on some parts which not only bothers our beauty but the comfort and confidence too! While it is most awkward to be shown as carrying unwanted hair on body to any one irrespective of male or female but its really inconvenient and painful for us to remove it with temporary methods like shaving, waxing or threading etc.

Unwanted hair on Face, Arms, Back, Legs, Under Arms, Private parts etc are the most painful for many of us and it really causing us feel under confident and displeasure.

LASER (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation)

LASER hair reduction is a non-invasive procedure by which unwanted hair are removed from any part of the body by utilizing a long pulsed laser.

The laser parameters are carefully defined by studying the anatomy of the hair follicle and precisely matching the laser light and pulse duration to the follicle size, depth and location to inhibit the re-growth of the hair.

Laser hair reduction is performed by a specially-trained laser technician or a doctor, who directs the light of a long pulsed laser onto the skin. The laser works by destroying hair that is in their active growth phase at the time of treatment. Since other hair will enter their growth cycle at different times, several sessions are necessary to destroy all of the follicles in a treatment area.

So, many of us have this doubt is there a really possibility to remove these unwanted hair permanently? Will that be safe for us on skin? Will it have any long term side effects?

The answer to all your doubts are “YES” possible to remove the unwanted hair permanently without any side effects for life long and with most safe and sophisticated way only available at RSCC.

Our dermatologist have chosen and did a detailed R&D of these laser technologies before saying YES to your doubts at RSCC. Also our customized solution based on individual’s body, skin type, medical background check will not just ensure safety but most optimized results too!

So, stop worrying start acting on it by just giving us a call or chat!

Anyone who are bothering with their unwanted hair on Face, Arms, Legs, Back, Legs, private parts (Only for females) etc.

Usually anyone would need 6-8 sessions with a frequency of 4-6 weeks. However, the best recommendation would be purely based on the various aspects like, body part, medical issues, skin & hair type etc.

Consultation would be done by Cosmetic Dermatologist (person who has done MBBS for 6 years & then 3 years of MD in the field of Dermatology & Trichology and have been trained and experience in the cosmetic procedures) Treatment would be performed by laser technician under the guidance of Dermatologist.

At RSCC our Dermatologist use the precise aseptic measure to ensure safety as well as the treatments which are performed are under went detailed R&D for its safety & efficacy. Hence, it confirms no side effects.

The results shall depend up on person to person. However, within 3 to 4 sessions one can see noticeable hair removal from 6 session onward we can notice remarkable difference.

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