Why Coolsculpting treatment is best solution for fat reduction!

For years, CoolSculpting treatment has been a buzz word within the body contouring world. Over the last six years, CoolSculpting has been performed on thousands of individuals and therefore the technology has now evolved to extraordinary standards of excellence, proving that it’s not a fad.

  • CoolSculpting features a very high patient satisfaction rating9, with some patients reporting noticeable decrease in fat with no surgery and no down-time1,2,3.
  • CoolSculpting has also reduced the time it takes to possess a treatment from 1 hour to 35 minutes per area.6
  • The leaders in facial aesthetics, has brought out this cutting- edge technology as a body contouring option.
  • A large group of the population need a ‘lunch time’ solution and this is often the right answer to their prayers.
  • CoolSculpting may be a safe treatment for surrounding tissue. it’s FDA approved and therefore the safety features are vouched for.
  • It is that the only device that has patented FreezeDetect and funky Sense® technologies that keep the procedure constantly monitored. The FreezeDetect sensors7 on the applicators will automatically and constantly track the skin temperature and immediately stop the treatment if there’s even a touch of a drag .
  • CoolSculptingnow comes with various sizes of applicators1,2,3,4, allowing a targeted and controlled treatment. These various pieces are crafted to suit different body parts, offering a more thorough treatment. this suggests clients don’t need as many treatments as before.
  • The number of body parts / indicators which will be treated now include buccula , under arms, bra fat, back bra fat, flanks, abdomen, inner and outer thighs, male breast and pinchable fat above the knees5,6.
  • While it’s true that various fat loss treatments come and go, CoolSculpting has only grown in popularity, thanks to the increasingly positive results. The technology is now tested through time and quite 6 million procedures* are successfully administered and this number is merely growing a day .

To find out if CoolSculpting is that the solution that you simply are checking out , visit our registered CoolSculpting clinic.

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