How To Prevent Dark Spots (Hyperpigmentation)

Protecting your skin from further damage is simply as important as reducing existing hyperpigmentation. These are our top tips for preventing further dark spots from appearing on the skin.

Shield Yourself From The Sun

Since sun damage is one among the highest causes of dark spots – including age spots – preventing exposure to UV rays is important to preventing hyperpigmentation. this suggests staying out the sun, wearing a hat outdoors and slathering on the sunscreen. By avoiding or blocking UV rays that stimulate the assembly of melanin, dodging the sun is one among the simplest ways to stop dark spots.

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Avoid Heat

UV rays aren’t the sole triggers for melanin production. Sources of warmth also can stimulate melanocytes to supply more pigment. Avoid activity with major heat exposure and keep the skin cool to scale back this potential problem for dark spots.

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Stop Inflammation

Because inflammation is another major reason for hyperpigmentation, you’ll want to prevent any harmful habits that injure or inflame the skin. Pimple picking may be a no-no also as the other activity that aggravates your complexion.

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Use vitamin C Regularly

Experts advise that a topical antioxidant sort of a vitamin C serum helps with the design of dark spots when applied on a daily basis. Because vitamin C interferes with melanin production (and provides numerous other benefits for the skin!), keeping a bottle of this antioxidant-rich skin care product available is another essential step for preventing hyperpigmentation.

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With this guide the whys and hows of hyperpigmentation, we’re confident that you simply can even your skin tone and treat any pesky spots. does one suffer from dark spots? Tell us within the comments below and join the conversation on social media.

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